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Genuine LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Handle Bar Grip Silver

Genuine LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Handle Bar Grip Silver
Genuine LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Handle Bar Grip Silver

Genuine LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Handle Bar Grip Silver    Genuine LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Handle Bar Grip Silver

LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Door Handle. Brand new genuine spare replacement door handle for your Liebherr fridge freezer. Dimensions handle : 750 x 65 x 100 mm. Dimensions discs : 12 mm OD, 4 mm ID, 1 mm thickness. Colour: stainless steel / gray.

Material: Stainless steel / plastic. Suitable to fit the following models. GNES286621, GNES286621A, GNES286621B, GNES306620, GNES306620A, GNES306620B, GNES306620Z, GNES306622, GNES306622D, GNES307620, GNES307620A, GNES307620B, GNES307620Z, GNES307621, GNES307621A, GNES307621B, GNES307622, GNES307622A, GNES307622B, GNES307622D, GNES307622E, GNES307622F, GNES307622G, GNES307622H, GNES307622I, GNES307622K, GNES307622L, KBES366020, KBES366020A, KBES366020B, KBES366020C, KBES366021, KBES366021A, KBES366021B, KBES366021C, KBES366021E, KBES366022, KBES366022A, KBES366023, KBES366023A, KBES366024, KBES366024A, KBES366024B, KBES386420, KBES386420A, KBES386420B, KBES386420C, KBES386420E, KBES386420F, KBES425022, KBES425022B, KBES425022C, KBES425022D, KBES426020, KBES426020A, KBES426020B, KBES426020C, KBES426020Z, KBES426021, KBES426021A, KBES426021B, KBES426021C, KBES426021D, KBES426021E, KBES426021F, KBES426022, KBES426022A, KBES426023, KBES426023A, KBES426024, KBES426024A, KBES426024B, KBESF421020, KBESF421020A, KBESF421021, KBESF421021A, KBESF421021B, KBPES386420, KBPES386420A, KBPES386420B, KES367020, KES367020A, KES367020B, KES367021, KES367021A, KES367021B, KES367021C, KES367022, KES367022A, KES367022B, KES367022C, KES426021, KES426021A, KES426021B, KES426021C, KES427020, KES427020A, KES427020B, KES427021, KES427021A, KES427021B, KES427021C, KES427021D, KES427022A, KES427022B, KES427022C, KES427022D, KES427022E, KES427022F, KES427023, KES427023A, KES427023B, KPESF362020, KPESF362020A, KPESF362020C, KPESF362021, KPESF362021A, KPESF362021C, KPESF362021D, KPESF422020, KPESF422021, KPESF422021A, KPESF422021C, KPESF422021D, SGNES271020, SGNES271020A, SGNES271020B, SGNES271020C, SGNES271021, SGNES271021A, SGNES271021B, SGNES271022, SGNES271022A, SGNES271022C, SGNES271022D, SGNES271022E, SGNES271023, SGNES271024, SGNES271024A, SGNES271024B, SGNES271024C, SGNES271024D, SGNES271024E, SGNES280020, SGNES280020A, SGNES280020B, SGNES280021, SGNES280021A, SGNES301020, SGNES301020A, SGNES301020B, SGNES301020C, SGNES301020Z, SGNES301021, SGNES301021A, SGNES301021B, SGNES301021C, SGNES301022, SGNES301022A, SGNES301022B, SGNES301022D, SGNES301022E, SGNES301023, SGNES301023A, SGNES301024A, SGNES301024B, SGNES301024C, SGNES301024D, SGNES301024E, SGNES301024F, SGNES301120, SGNES301120A, SGNES301120B, SGNES301120C, SGNES301120Z, SGNES301121, SGNES301121A, SGNES301121B, SGNES301122, SGNES301122A, SGNES301122B, SGNES301122D, SGNES301123, SGNES301123A, SGNES301124, SGNES301124A, SGNES301124B, SGNES301124C, SGNES301124D, SGNES301124E, SGNES301124G, SGNES301124I, SGNES301220, SGNES301220A, SGNES301221, SGNES301221A, SGNES301221B, SGNES301221C, SGNES301221E, SGNES301221F, SGNES301221G, SGNES301221H, SGNES301221I, SGNES301221J, SGNES301221K, SGNES301221L, SGNES301223, SGNES301224, SGNES301320, SGNES301320A, SGNES301320B, SGNES301320C, SGNES301320D, SGNES301320E, SGNES301320G, SGNES301320H, SGNESF303320A, SGNESF306320, SGNESF306320A, SGNESF306321, SGNESF306321A, SGNESF306321C, SGNESF306321D, SGNESF306321F, SGNESF306321G, SGNESF306321H, SGNESF306322, SGNESF306323, SGNESF306323A, SGNESF306324A, SGNESF306324B, SGNESF306324D, SGNESF306324E, SGNESF307320A, SGNESF307320B, SGNESF307320D, SGNESF307320E, SKBES420020, SKBES420020A, SKBES420020B, SKBES420020E, SKBES420021, SKBES421020, SKBES421020A, SKBES421020B, SKBES421020C, SKBES421020D, SKBES421020Z, SKBES421021, SKBES421021A, SKBES421021B, SKBES421021C, SKBES421021E, SKBES421022, SKBES421023, SKBES421023A, SKBES421024, SKBES421024A, SKBES421024B, SKBES421024C, SKBES421024D, SKBES421024E, SKBES421120, SKBES421120A, SKBES421120B, SKBES421120C, SKBES421120D, SKBES421121, SKBES421121A, SKBES421121B, SKBES421121C, SKBES421121D, SKBES421121E, SKBES421122, SKBES421220, SKBES421220A, SKBES421220B, SKBES421221, SKBES421221A, SKBES421221B, SKBES421221C, SKBES421221D, SKBES421221E, SKBES421221F, SKBES421221G, SKBES421221H, SKBES421221I, SKBES421223, SKBES421224, SKBES421320, SKBES421321, SKBES421321A, SKBES421321B, SKBES421321C, SKBES421321D, SKBES421321E, SKBES421420, SKBES421420A, SKBES421420B, SKBES421420C, SKBES421420D, SKBES421420E, SKES361020, SKES361020A, SKES361020B, SKES361020C, SKES361021, SKES361021A, SKES361021C, SKES361022, SKES361023, SKES361023A, SKES361023C, SKES361024, SKES361024A, SKES361024B, SKES361024C, SKES361024D, SKES420020, SKES420020A, SKES420020C, SKES420020D, SKES420021, SKES421020, SKES421020A, SKES421020B, SKES421020C, SKES421021, SKES421021A, SKES421021C, SKES421021D, SKES421022A, SKES421023, SKES421023A, SKES421023B, SKES421023C, SKES421024, SKES421024A, SKES421024B, SKES421024C, SKES421024D, SKESF423020A, SKESF424020, SKESF424020A, SKESF424021, SKESF424021A, SKESF424021C, SKESF424021E, SKESF424021F, SKESF424022, SKESF424022B, SKESF424022C, SKESF424023, SKESF424023A, SKESF424024, SKESF424024A, SKESF424024C, SKESF424024D, SKESF425020D, SKESF425020E, SKESF425020G, SKESF425020H. 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This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.
  1. Compatible Brand: For Liebherr
  2. Model: See Description
  3. Suitable For: Upright Freezer
  4. Set Includes: Door Handle
  5. Custom Bundle: No
  6. Number of Items in Set: See Description
  7. Personalise: No
  8. Unit Type: Unit
  9. Brand: Liebherr
  10. Type: Door Handle
  11. Compatible Model: GNES306620A, gnes307620b, GNES286621B, gnes307621, gnes307620, gnes306622, gnes307621b, GNES307620B, GNES307620Z, GNES307621, GNES306620Z, GNES306622, GNES306622D, GNES307620, gnes307620z, GNES307621A, GNES307621B, GNES307622, gnes306620z, gnes307622, GNES306620B, GNES286621, GNES286621A, GNES306620, gnes307621a, gnes306622d
  12. MPN: 7438430
  13. Material: Stainless Steel
  14. Colour: Silver

Genuine LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Handle Bar Grip Silver    Genuine LIEBHERR Fridge Freezer Refrigerator Door Handle Bar Grip Silver